eCommerce Customer Service and Community Management

What does your ultimate customer service team look like?


We specialise in providing exceptional customer service across all social media and ecommerce platforms up to 24 hours a day. We treat every customer engagement as an opportunity to create a life-long advocate and believe there is nothing more valuable than a raving fan. Our teams employ robust processes, operate to fast response times, and work seamlessly within your business to ensure that no consumer query is ever left unresolved.

We ensure that each customer contact is a learning opportunity, logging individual engagements in real time to capture comprehensive data that relays invaluable business intelligence. Our aim is to drastically exceed the customer’s expectation with an extraordinary service experience, ensuring they come back more often and purchase more when they do.

"I’ve been working with the team at Preface for over two years, and simply put, would not be able to achieve all that we do without their dedication to our brands. Hard working, intelligent and always friendly, their role in managing our online B2C and B2B social communities and delivering insights is paramount to our success. "

Charles Moore

Sapphire Group

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