Content Generation and Consultation

Matt, Nick and the team at Preface Social Media have lifted one very large rock of responsibility from my shoulders and done a stellar job of crafting our social media campaigns for both The Darkside/The Otherside project and more recently Black Comedy. They listen, they have good ideas, they do what they say they will do – in short, it just all works out like magic. Except it’s not – they’re just very good at what they do.

Kath Shelper, Scarlett Pictures

Search Engine Optimisation and Online Lead Generation

Generating quality web leads is crucial to digital marketing success. The key is visibility. Our SEO methods at Preface Social Media strengthen online presence to elevate your product or service ahead of the pack.

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Social Media Management and Digital Strategy

We understand that the combination of product, market and audience is unique to every business. We take the time to intimately understand how these factors contribute to your vision before formulating a comprehensive Digital Strategy that delivers results.

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eCommerce Customer Service and Community Management

Outsourced teams that deliver exceptional customer service across all social media and ecommerce platforms. We turn disgruntled customers into your biggest spenders. Cost-effective, always on, no stress.

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