Social Media Management and Digital Strategy

We understand that the combination of product, market and audience is unique to every business. We take the time to intimately understand how these factors contribute to your vision before formulating a comprehensive Digital Strategy, with a strong focus on Social Media Management, to meet your specific requirements. Our strategy framework positions us to work alongside your organisation to deliver results that will drive the success of your business.

Our Digital Strategy process defines and instructs your objectives, how to take advantage of the most appropriate digital channels to fulfil these, while constantly referencing the data to maximise impact.

We utilise the latest software to drive and monitor results and provide an integrated approach to meeting all of your digital communications needs, including website redevelopment; content planning, production and distribution; paid and organic search; social media campaign management and more. Preface Social Media offers your business a customised, streamlined, responsive and well-oiled digital marketing and social media management machine.

"Preface has remarkable vision, creativity and proven social media and online management strategies. Whether working on a large multi-market promotion or a smaller scale project, Preface is exceptionally thorough with logistics, coordination and follow-through.  The team is patient, calm under pressure and always willing to put in the extra time to meet the needs of our organisation. Their passion and dedication to CLIENT success is outstanding."



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