Social Media Management and Digital Strategy

Preface has remarkable vision, creativity and proven social media and online management strategies.

Whether working on a large multi-market promotion or a smaller scale project, Preface is exceptionally thorough with logistics, coordination and follow-through.  The team is patient, calm under pressure and always willing to put in the extra time to meet the needs of our organisation.

Their passion and dedication to CLIENT success is outstanding.

Crystal PRIME7 Marketing Manager

Content Generation and Consultation

We create effective content that reflects your brand, expands reach, provokes audience engagement, and delivers a return.

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Search Engine Optimisation and Online Lead Generation

Generating quality web leads is crucial to digital marketing success. The key is visibility. Our SEO methods at Preface Social Media strengthen online presence to elevate your product or service ahead of the pack.

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eCommerce Customer Service and Community Management

Outsourced teams that deliver exceptional customer service across all social media and ecommerce platforms. We turn disgruntled customers into your biggest spenders. Cost-effective, always on, no stress.

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